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Amber is not a crystal, it is tree resin that solidified and then fossilized. It carries a strong connection to the earth and helps to activate the root and sacral chakras - increasing our feelings of security and stability and enhancing our innate ability to heal ourselves and go with the natural flow of life.


Amber grounds our higher energies and connects our physical and spiritual realities. This is a protective stone that absorbs the negative and transmutes it into positive energy we can use to heal ourselves. It can cleanse our chakras and our environment.


Amber’s golden qualities also stimulate our solar plexus chakra, our warm and sunny self that rises above depression and self-doubt and believes in our power to accomplish all our intentions and desires. Amber enhances our natural vitality, creativity, positivity, peacefulness and wisdom. This stone powerfully absorbs pain and negativity from within us, facilitating our natural balance and healing abilities. 

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