Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is an extremely protective stone. It provides a shield from negativity in every form - actually repelling it - and it can even dissipate negativity from ones surrounding. This powerful stone also prevents electro-magnetic pollution (from cell phones, computers, etc.) from entering the body and disrupting our internal harmony.


Black Tourmaline helps to dispel fear and worry, and helps us to gain self- confidence. Keeping this stone on our body or in our environment (you can carry it in your bag, pocket, sleep with it under your pillow, set it on your desk or dresser, etc.) grounds us on every level and helps to clear and balance all our chakras (energy centers). Holding this stone during meditation can help us to implement the insights that we gain during our reflective time. Black Tourmaline is great for strengthening our immunity and keeping our physical, mental and emotional bodies strong and united. 

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Made in Nevis - Jazzique Chiverton
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