Bloodstone, also commonly known as heliotrope, is an excellent stone for grounding, healing ourselves and connecting us to the earth’s energies. It facilitates balance and strength in the root chakra, which is our base of stability and security.


This is a great stone for people forging out on their own in life, for the first time ever or starting over again. It helps with new beginnings. Bloodstone is great for pregnant women and even supports women suffering from menstrual issues. This stone purifies the blood and supports all blood-cleansing organs, such as the spleen and liver and gall bladder. It is an excellent stone for people suffering from serious illness and can help them to fight the illness or cope with the possibility of loss of life. Bloodstone helps to inspire fearlessness and helps us to succeed in every type of battle. This stone is helpful in healing old emotional wounds, supporting a positive self-image and giving us the courage to move forward and begin anew. 

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