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Lava Stone

Lava Stone is an igneous rock that erupted from the earth in the form of lava, cooled and hardened to become black and porous. It is abundant all over the earth, but especially in the ocean where undersea volcanoes are continuously erupting and gradually forming new land.


It has been on the earth as long as the earth has existed as has been used functionally, spiritually and decoratively in countless cultures over all the ages. The center of Nevis is a dormant volcano, but its past eruptions leave us with some black sand beaches, rich soil, geothermal energy, hot springs, AND huge chunks of this lava stone the size of buses just sitting in random places.


Used in jewelry Lava Stone is particularly grounding, calming and stabilizing as it comes from the core of the earth. It can be used to ease anxiety. It is useful to maintain balance during times of change - as the earth itself is constantly changing - and to facilitate a rebirth of spirit. Lava Stone activates the root chakra, increases fertility and helps us to shed excessive attachment. It is a stone to cleanse negativity.


As the ancient soldiers carried this stone into battle for strength and courage, in modern times we can wear our stone jewelry in the daily battle to stay a positive, compassionate and grounded human being. 

Lava Stone
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