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Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper helps us to attune to nature and the feeling of the ocean - the rising and falling of the waves, the breathing deeply and being present. Many pieces of Ocean Jasper have circular patterns or orbs, that remind us of life's cycles, of karmic consequence, and how everything is truly interconnected.

Ocean Jasper is mined along the northwest cost of Madagascar in a difficult operation - these stones are rare and highly-prized. 


Ocean Jasper eliminates negativity, stress, nightmares, harmful thoughts and disharmony in general. This is a stone of strength, grounding and centering, especially in healing a meditation. It promotes deep and circular breathing. It brings forth patience, grace during change and service to others. This is an especially good stone for counselors and healers of all kinds - bringing out their empathetic and nurturing aspects for others without forgetting themselves. 

Ocean Jasper
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