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Snow Melt

Just starting to write my blog today. So much to say, but where to start? I want this to be useful, but also fun, irreverent, exploratory and real. Are there other people out there who can tolerate my irreverence while also trying out new vegetarian recipes and deciding if we will reincarnate?


So hi, I am talking to you. I am also talking to myself. I love to do that. Often. Out loud. But it is time to share more, to serve, to help. In the States going on 4 years and I have clean lost some of the great habits and lifestyles I created living the simple island life. It is hard when I am surrounded by different people living different lives and I miss the positive influences of spirituality and healthy, free living.... so I am bringing it here, now, to you. We’ll meet halfway, find a balance - and yes, there we have a theme....


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