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Lava stone is grounding, especially during times of change, because the earth was changing when it was formed. It is also helpful in bringing courage - in ancient times warriors would carry these stones into battle. These porous stones can be dabbed with essential oils to diffuse slowly.  The chakra balancing colors and crystals help one to keep their own seven energy centers in tune and remind one to stay balanced and go with their intuitive flow.  These beads are dyed Agate

On strong, stretchy cord with silver beads. Approximately 6 1/2”.

Kids' Balance

  • The listed size of the bracelet will be larger than your actual wrist size.

    Measure your wrist with a cloth tape measure or you can use a string and then set it next to a ruler. 

    tight fit - add about 1"

    medium fit - add about 1 1/2"

    loose fit - add about 2"

  • I make my jewelry strong and I take pride in my craftsmanship - but still, life happens!  If your necklace ever breaks please pick up all the pieces and send everything back to me - I'll fix it or remake the whole thing for free and send it back to you! 

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