A copper-wired lava stone pendant reminiscent of the earth and it's majestic trees, with brown and black lava stone throughout - all can be dabbed with essential oil to slowly diffuse and create the mood you seek.  Lava stone is know to help alleviate anxiety and help us to maintain stability through changing times - as the earth was changing when the lava was formed (please see more information on the properties of lava stone in the crystals section of the website).  Dotted with Goldstone and copper this necklace is also condusive to creativity and good for dimishing arthiritis.  Long horn beads, blackstone, glass and a silver-plated lobster claw clasp finish this stunning piece that - as always - is made with love and is one of a kind. Approximately 21" long and the pendant hangs another 2" down. 


  • If your necklace ever happens to break, collect all the pieces and send it back and I will fix it for free.  You pay your end of the shipping, I pay mine.