Lava stone, amazonite and chakra balancing colors and crystals are an unstoppable combination to keep you strong, balanced and stress free.  Every time you slip it over your wrist, look down to see it on you or feel it as you wear it - you will recommit yourself to live your best life.   Lava stone helps reduce anxiety and keep us grounded, especially through times of change since lava was created as the earth was changing.  You can dab your favorite essential oils on lava stone to gently diffuse and create your personal, positive environment.  (Please see the crystal section and the chakra section of the website for more complete explanations.)  The chakra balancing colors and crystals help us to keep our own seven energy centers in tune and remind us to stay balanced and go with our intuitive flow.   Amazonite is highly effective in reducing the electromagnetic stress that comes from our cell phones, computers, etc. and it also helps us to filter out those thoughts that don't serve any good purpose within us.  This is a larger size than average - about 9.5". 


  • If your bracelet ever happens to break, collect all the pieces and send it back and I will fix it for free.  You pay your end of the shipping, I pay mine.

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Made in Nevis - Jazzique Chiverton
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2020 Piece of Peace Jewelry

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