Amazonite, lotus symbols and chakra balancing colors and crystals are a powerful mix to keep one brave, balanced and positive. Every time a person slips it over their wrist, looks down to see it on them or feels it as they wear it - they will recommit themselves to living their best life. Amazonite is a stone that helps filter the abundance of information that inundates us constantly so that one can allow in what is useful and keep the useLESS information from entering our minds.  Amazonite provides solid protection from all the electromagnetic waves that cloud one's natural vitality and saps one's energy.  This electromagnetic pollution comes from cell phones/towers, computers, electronic games, etc.  The chakra balancing colors and crystals help one to keep their own seven energy centers in tune and remind one to stay balanced and go with their intuitive flow. Finally, the charm is a lotus blossum and there are two lotus seeds on this bracelet to remind one that their beautiful self arises from their daily challenges, as a lotus flower arises from the muck in the bottom of the pond. Approximately 8 1/4". 


  • The listed size of the bracelet will be larger than your actual wrist size.

    Measure your wrist with a cloth tape measure or you can use a string and then set it next to a ruler. 

    tight fit - add about 1"

    medium fit - add about 1 1/2"

    loose fit - add about 2"