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Lava stone and shimmery Druzy Agate... Druzy forms when tiny quartz crystals form on gemstones like agate- and then these beads are electroplated to produce the funky shimmer finish.  Agate is a very grounding stone and the druzy addition can help reveal our shimmery inner self that we often keep hidden.

In ancient times a warrior would carry lava stone into battle for bravery and protection - life today requires no less.

Lava stone can help to keep a person grounded and courageous, especially through times of change since lava was created as the earth was changing. Lava stone can be dabbed with essential oils to gently diffuse on the wearer and create a personal, positive environment.

Thin square silver-toned beads just add more funk....

 On strong stretchy cord.  Approximately 7". 

Kids' geo-funk

  • The listed size of the bracelet will be larger than your actual wrist size.

    Measure your wrist with a cloth tape measure or you can use a string and then set it next to a ruler.

    tight fit - add about 1"

    medium fit - add about 1 1/2"

    loose fit - add about 2"

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