Inside the pendant rests a little slab of lava stone where you can dab your essential oils and enjoy the environment they create as you go about your day.  This necklace is classy and a little mystic - like it holds some secret only to be revealed to the wearer.  This is one of a kind, like you.  Double strands of tiny, matte silver glass beads dotted with metal, cultured freshwater pearls and Labradorite - a crystal to help us see the mystic in things and connect to our intuition (read lots more about Labradorite in the crystals section of my website).  This necklace is very long, it can easily slip over your head - about 31" and the pendant hangs another inch and a half down.   It's finished with a silver-plated lobster claw clasp.  


  • If your necklace ever happens to break, collect all the pieces and send it back and I will fix it for free.  You pay your end of the shipping, I pay mine.