Lava stone,a  lotus symbol and Rose Quartz  and are a good mix to fill your heart with love and your soul with power. Every time you slip it over your wrist, look down to see it on you or feel it as you wear it - you will recommit yourself to live a courageous life full of love.   Lava stone helps reduce anxiety and keep us grounded, especially through times of change since lava was created as the earth was changing.  You can dab your favorite essential oils on lava stone to gently diffuse and create your personal, positive environment.  (Please see the crystal section of the website for more complete explanations.)  Rose Quartz is a great heart healer, helping us to open to the giving and recieving of love and to heal from grief and loss. The charm is a lotus blossum that reminds us that our beautiful selves rise from the challenges we face daily, as a lotus flower grows from the muck in the bottom of the pond. On strong elastic cord. Approximately 8 3/4". 

Pretty in Pink