Lava stone and chakra balancing colors and crystals combine to help one stay calm, stable and balanced.  The little OM charm represents that everyone is creating their own reality every moment and are all intimately connected to the universe and every single inhabitant.  Lava stone helps reduce anxiety and keeps one grounded, especially through times of change since lava was created as the earth was changing.   Essential oils can be dabbed on lava stone to gently diffuse and create a personal, positive environment.    The chakra balancing colors and crystals help one to keep their own seven energy centers in tune and remind one to stay balanced and go with their intuitive flow.  (Click on the links above for more complete explanations.)  Approximately 9.5" - a little larger than average.  

Stress Free

  • If your bracelet ever happens to break, collect all the pieces and send it back and I will fix it for free.  You pay your end of the shipping, I pay mine.