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shell necklace


All of our shells are found on the beaches and coastlines of Nevis (which are all, FYI, public!) while enjoying family and friend time, coming or going for some asanas and meditation, or just when we are getting from one place to another.  It is impossible NOT to look down! We love collecting shells! Most come from Pinney’s Beach, which is just to the north side of Charlestown and goes up as far as the Four Seasons Resort. This is just a 10-15 minute walk from our house so we spend a lot of time there. To me, the beauty and uniqueness of a shell is just another testament to nature and creation. I am happy to share them with you. I have noticed that shells have seasons, although I haven't pinpointed them exactly. Many shells are already "drilled," compliments of a natural predator. Others we couldn't resist using, so we drilled or wired ourselves.   


To the bearer, shell is said to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination, and promote better, or clearer, decision-making.  Shell also promotes growth in all areas.  Enjoy your little piece of the Caribbean, you are as unique as it is!

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