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chakra chart

The seven primary chakras coordinate with the colors of the rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and rise from the base of our spine to the crown of our head. Chakras are spinning vortexes of light and energy that connect us to the universe and all the energy flowing around us. The chakras have been scientifically detected and may be seen or felt by certain people, but all of us are affected by their flow within us whether or not we are conscious of it.


Often our chakras become imbalanced, their energy flow is blocked or over-active. The imbalance can be chronic - due to our past, or long-term life circumstances, or the imbalance can be acute - due to current circumstances in our life. Chakras can be brought back into balance or their balance maintained through different methods, such as crystal and color therapy. Your jewelry may contain a specific crystal to empower or balance a certain chakra or group of chakras; your jewelry may contain the full spectrum of colors to heighten your awareness of your chakras or seven crystals coordinating to each chakra that help to maintain or enhance chakra balance. It is very beneficial to dedicate your crystals to yourself and to state your intentions as to their use for you. They can be cleansed periodically under flowing water and recharged under the full moon or with a hematite stone. Crystals and their energy can only be used for good. 

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