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Crystals we use in our jewelry:

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How do they work? 

Crystals were created as the earth formed, and each type has a unique geometric crystal lattice that identifies it. So different crystals with their unique crystalline structures absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy in their own special way. Some crystals contain minerals that are known for their therapeutic properties, such as copper (contained in Goldstone and Malachite). Individual crystals have been connected with specific body parts for thousands of years, using ancient wisdom based on astrology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda.

Wearing certain crystals, carrying them or being near them can heal on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Crystals don't just deal with symptoms; they work gently with the root cause of those symptoms. They work through resonance and vibration; re-aligning subtle energies, re-balancing the bio magnetic sheath that surrounds and penetrates come from various internal and external sources; crystals can be an aid in locating their causes and finding solutions to deal with them. Crystals can boost energy, bring forth love, heighten intuition, sharpen the mind, enhance sexuality, increase abundance, balance, align and protect, for some examples. One thing is certain, crystals can do no harm. Ask someone for guidance, do your own research, use your self-knowledge and intuition, or just go by the beauty to choose your own crystals and enjoy!

Crystal jewelry is what we love to make. Not only are the crystals beautiful, but they can impart certain benefits to the wearer. A large or small specimen of the same type of crystal will have exactly the same internal structure, and therefore the same healing properties; so even small pieces such as beads will bring a special vibe. As far back as the Stone Ages men and women have worn crystal jewelry for decoration, protec- tion and power. 

Picking them out

There is no one right way to choose crystals for yourself or others, remember, they can do no harm. But here are some ideas that may be useful in your selection.

  • BEAUTY! Something that appeals to us aesthetically is often just the thing we need!

  • RESEARCH. Read books, ask people, look online... but no definition is EXACT, so take it all in and try for yourself.

  • WHAT’S GOING ON WITH YOU? Maybe your heart is broken, you feel bad vibes at work, you need more focus, your sex life is dull, you can’t express yourself, and on and on... Be honest with how you or who you are going to give the crystal to is feeling and try to find something that may help. This is not a fix-it pill, but something that can help us to solve our own issues, as only we can.

  • INTUITION: It just feels right, you have no idea why. Who cares? Go with your gut.

  • FEEL THE CRYSTAL. Hold the crystals one at a time that you are choosing from. Or put on the piece of jewelry. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. How does it feel? 

Keep them working

Crystals need to cleansed and recharged after you buy them or someone gives them to you, or after you have used them for awhile or if you just feel they are not at their best. They may be holding some negative energy that can be passed on to you or they just need to be “reset” so they serve your highest purpose. Citrine is a self-cleaning crystal so you don’t have to take this step, but it wont hurt if you do.



With Water: If your piece of jewelry or crystal is water-safe, hold it under running water and imagine a gushing waterfall washing away any impurities or past resonances that do not serve your purpose. Imagine it is recharging itself to serve you best. If it is not appropriate to

actually put it under water then just hold it out in your hands and imagine the waterfall as above.

With salt water or in the sea: It is also possible to immerse them in the sea or in homemade salt water, with the intention of them releasing any impurities or energies that so not serve you. This will also recharge them. You should brush any salt flecks off af- terwards.

With Carnelian or Clear Quartz: You can put your crystals in a bag overnight with a Carnelian crystal and it will cleanse them, but then you have to cleanse the Carnelian after as well. If you happen to have a cluster of Clear Quartz crystal you can place another crystal on top of it to cleanse overnight. The Clear Quartz must be cleansed after as well.

Under the full moon: A very symbolic and soothing cleansing and recharging of your crystals can be done if you place them outside all night under a full moon.

Smudge them: Light a bundle of sage and hold them in the smoke with your intention to cleanse and recharge them.

After cleaning and recharging your crystals always dedicate them to yourself. Do this by holding the crystal or crystal jewelry to yourself in a loving way and dedicating it to yourself and your purposes. If you have it for a specific reason then state that specific reason. For example, “This Rose Quartz bracelet is going to bring love into my life in all it’s most beautiful forms.” If you have no specific reason then you can be general and say, “I dedicate this crystal to me.” Or, “I dedicate this crystal jewelry to me to help me live the most positive life possible...” Anything is ok, just keep it positive and do this as often as you like!!

Sometimes we lose our jewelry or crystals one way or another. I have a strong belief that this means we no longer need them in our lives. They are ready to move on and so are we. Mourn them, and then move forward. Life is all about change, growth and evolution, and losing your crystal may just be the catalyst you need to do so. 

Dedicate Them

When They Are Gone

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