Every Saturday, 7-11am at Breakfast with the Arts in the Neve Restaurant, off the main lobby of the Four Seasons Resort.


  • The Four Seasons Resort Gift Shop

  • The Charlestown Art Gallery

  • The Art House at the Hermitage

  • The Banana's Boutique

  • Out of the Blue at Cliffdweller’s

  • Nevis Island Art Fairs


Peggy Gilmore, Piece of Peace Manager, Nevis

Call, text or what's app 1-403-606-4180 (a Canandian number available in Nevis)

Email: pgilmore@shaw.ca


Ask around for Piece of Peace--you never know where you’llmake that connection--chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for! It’s Made in Nevis...with love!

Listen to music while you Shop!

Made in Nevis - Jazzique Chiverton
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2020 Piece of Peace Jewelry

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