Citrine is a stone of abundance, attracting wealth, prosperity and success in all areas. It encourages generosity and the sharing of all that you acquire, perpetuating the universal flow of giving and receiving. 


Citrine represents our glowing sun inside, full of warmth, energy and light. It helps us develop a positive attitude and be less sensitive to criticism. Physically, Citrine energizes and recharges our bodies, lifts our spirits and improves our mood, intuition and brain function. It can be carried in the wallet or purse, placed in the home, shop or office, and worn on the body to attract financial prosperity, specifically, and prosperity in all areas of our mental, spiritual and physical life. Citrine is one crystal that never needs to be cleansed or recharged. It can absorb and dissipate any negative energy in its environment – cleansing itself, us and our surroundings.