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A very large (2 1/2") and expressive Clear Quartz crystal that is hand-wired in a beautiful gold tone by Chantel.  Set off by a lovely shine of beads on a simple tan cord that goes right over your head with ease.  This is a classy piece that looks great over the bulky winter clothes.  The Clear Quartz helps us to harmonize within ourselves and in our surroundings - bringing balance, and protection.  Click on the link above for more information on my website. 

This is an easily adjustable necklace that hangs down 22" at it's longest (so that's a 44" necklace including the crystal) and it's shortest it could hang down 13" on your body (a 24" necklace).


  • I make my jewelry strong and I take pride in my craftsmanship - but still, life happens!  If your necklace ever breaks please pick up all the pieces and send everything back to me - I'll fix it or remake the whole thing for free and send it back to you! 

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