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A long, stunning statement piece that looks great over the winter clothes is a one-of-a-kind creation of Jasper stones in a varietyof greenish hues set off by shiny silver.  Jasper is a protective, nuturing and balancing stone - click on the link to get more detailed information on my website.  The OM locket makes a statement that you are a seeker of higher consciousness and are striving to connect with all beings and your souce.  The locket has a strong magnetic closure and can securely hold any small special item - currently it holds a slice of porous lava stone that can be dabbed with essential oils for a subtle aromatherapy bath on your person.

This necklace is about 30' long and can easily slide over your head, the locket hangs another 1" lower.  

Om Locket

  • I make my jewelry strong and I take pride in my craftsmanship - but still, life happens!  If your necklace ever breaks please pick up all the pieces and send everything back to me - I'll fix it or remake the whole thing for free and send it back to you! 

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